Drama Club Fall Musical and Spring Play Switched


During this time of year, the drama club traditionally performs their fall musical with a play in the spring. This year, there have been changes to the timing of the play and the musical.

The musical will be in the spring while the play will be in the fall. This change was mainly caused by the drama club participants’ schedules. Typically in the fall, the drama schedule and marching band season barely interfere, so the fall musical is not interrupted. This year, the marching band schedule has changed, and since half of the drama club participants are in band, this has affected the timing of the musical and the play.

“We have talked about trying again to do a musical in the spring, and this year, we decided it was necessary because of changes in the band rehearsal schedule. Musicals are very involved, and we need more practices with everyone than we can squeeze in with the band schedule,” said drama director Maria Wishart.

With the musical moved to the spring, play rehearsals in the fall will not take up a lot of the participants’ time and should work well with the band schedule. It will also allow the drama club to focus on certain skills. They will have workshops to help participants improve on certain skills through tech training as well as acting, auditioning, vocal and dance workshops.

“It has given us some room in the fall schedule to focus on building on fundamental skills needed for musicals. Hopefully it will be an advantage when we start with the musical,” said Wishart.

The drama club may also performances of short scenes, monologues and short, ten-minute plays. With lots of changes in the drama department, Wishart hopes to let everyone who wants to participate in the play or the musical be able to do so.


Story by Angie Ceja