McCrary Showcases Photography Skills


Photography is a very common interest in the world. Photographers take photos of any and every thing they can find, including animals, people, objects and nature. There is a wide variety of pictures someone can take, but for freshman Emma McCrary, any photo is a photo worth taking.

McCrary’s interest in photography began when she took notice of her mother’s portraits. She wanted to give the hobby a try and took the classes offered at PHS. McCrary discovered that she enjoyed the classes as well as taking photos for assignments.

“Having actual photo assignments has made me want to learn more about photography and the different aspects of it. The class has also inspired my photography,” said McCrary.

When McCrary first started, she was using her mother’s Canon Rebel, a beginner’s camera. After she realized how much photography meant to her, McCrary moved on to the Canon 7D, which is great for nature and portrait photography. The lenses she uses are an EF 100mm macro lens, a sigma 18-25mm, a tamron 150-600mm and a sigma 24-70mm lens.

“Most photographers start out with this camera, and it is a good starter camera,” said McCrary.

National Geographic photographers also inspire her. McCrary loves to take photos of animals and nature, so it is only fitting to take a glance at what they are capturing. She has also taken numerous photos of animals at zoos and other settings in nature. Her Instagram captures all of the photos she takes, including sports photography.

“I practiced a lot. I was and am always outside taking pictures of anything,” said McCrary.

She also enjoys star photography. She went outside one night, adjusted her camera settings and experimented with the photos. After lots of practice and corrections, McCrary has improved tremendously at star photography.

The future holds many possibilities for McCrary. As she continues through her high school career, she plans on taking photography classes every year. When she goes to college, she plans on taking more advanced classes that will help her with her passion. She also would like to take pictures for people and advertise her photography soon.

“I hope to at least have photography as a side job if it isn’t a full time job. I love it, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of it,” said McCrary.


Story by Kinley Block