Hinton Expresses Himself Through Words


For some people, writing is not something that comes easy to them, but for sophomore Chandler Hinton, that is not the case. Hinton writes in his free time, especially during the weekdays. He writes novels, realistic stories and other pieces that push him to become a better writer each day.

Recently, Hinton has been working on his first full-length novel, We’ll Burn Brighter. This piece is an LGBT novel about two teens named Noah and Oliver. It takes place in the 1980s, a time when being LGBT wasn’t viewed as morally acceptable by most people. He thinks it is one of his strongest writings and may end up in the hands of many readers.

“Certain people have this odd complex where they think I’m writing for them. However, that’s not true. At the moment, I don’t write for anything or anyone besides myself. I do think that will change as I shift from being a writer as a hobby to being a writer as a career,” said Hinton.

Within the next year, Hinton plans to have his first novel done. Depending on the results, he may self-publish it. Overall, Hinton would like to create a book that sells well and creates a social change for others.

Hinton can write about 3,000 words on his novel project during the weekdays. On the weekends, he tends to write around 2,000 words because he feels the need to take that time to recharge. Hinton also admits he has love-hate relationship with English despite his love of writing.

“I have two writing styles. The first is my academic style in which I write very short and get to the point of what I’m writing. The second is my fiction style, where I use adjectives and be very descriptive,” said Hinton.

One of his favorite things to do with his writing is share it with others. He enjoys the thought of everyone around him loving and reading his work. Hinton hopes to continue writing throughout his life.

“Writing makes me feel like I have a purpose. I feel happier when I’m writing. I feel even happier when I see that people get enjoyment out of my work,” said Hinton.


Story by Ashlyn Bonta