Douthitt Plans Career in Cyber Security


Senior Nick Douthitt has always had a passion for understanding technology and the many advances that have occured. In today’s world, technology has seemed to incorporate itself into the daily lives of almost everyone. With that being said, the opportunities in the technological field are endless. One specific field Douthitt finds most interesting is cyber security.

Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems from cyber attacks. This includes hardware, software and data. Cyber security is used by businesses to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.

“Cyber security has always interested me because it is an elaborate process. I like having to think through all the processes and having to figure out a way to solve the problems at hand,” said Douthitt.

Douthitt’s dad, Alan Rutherford, influenced him in the technological field. Rutherford has worked as the technology director at PHS for many years. However, Douthitt has always has a knack for technology himself. For as long as Douthitt could remember, he has been around technology. Douthitt started out by fixing cell phones and computers for his friends and family, but has since moved on to having an interest in 3D printers.

Douthitt first became interested in cyber security specifically after he watched a documentary about former United States CIA employee Edward Snowden.

“This documentary particularity interested me because it made me realize how important cyber security actually is and continues to be,” said Douthitt.

Douthitt enjoys the idea that there is a new challenge at hand every day. No two days on the job are never going to be the same. It is important to have good problem solving skills to go into this field because there are going to be situations arise suddenly.

“Problem solving skills are important because you need to be able to think of a solution quickly that is actually going to work to solve the issue,” said Douthitt.

Cyber security is an extremely important to business because it is vital to protect their internet softwares and information they may have stored on different hardwares. This continues to be a field in high demand, and Douthitt is ready to take on the responsibilities of a cyber security professional.

After graduation, Douthitt plans to attend Purdue University. He plans to major in cyber security with a minor in forensics. Douthitt hopes to pursue a career path dealing with antiterrorism or forensics in the future.


Story by Madison Street