Maxwell’s Career in Medicine Only Beginning


For some students, it takes a while to figure out what they want to do after high school. From where to go and what to do, a lot of things have to be sorted out. However, senior Ian Maxwell is already one step ahead.

Maxwell plans to pursue a career as a nurse, and he is on the fast track to becoming one.

“I have been working in the medical field for about a year now, and I currently work as a Certified Nursing Assistant CNA at Springs Valley Meadows, a long-term care and rehabilitation facility,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell has taken all of health career teacher Mara Eisele’s classes at Paoli’s vocational school to prepare for this future. These classes include medical terminology, health science 1 and health science 2.

Maxwell decided to go into the medical field because of his sister.

“I chose to start at the bottom and work my way up, starting as a CNA. My sister is a registered nurse. I look up to her, and she is my inspiration,” said Maxwell.

After graduating high school, Maxwell plans to attend Sullivan University in Louisville to become a registered nurse.

“Nursing is so much more than what people make it out to be, and I learned that very quickly. I love being able to take care of and assist the elderly with their activities of daily living, and I can’t wait until I get to help many more people,” said Maxwell.


Story by Gracie Walls