Coleman’s Life at Hilltop Grocery


Following the school day, most students at PHS return to their home for rest and comfort. This is the case for senior Jarrett Coleman, but in a slightly different way.

At the conclusion of the school day, Coleman ventures to his home of Hilltop Grocery. Coleman’s family has owned and operated the Hardinsburg gas station and grocery store for 18 years and counting. A house is directly attached to the store, which is Coleman and his family’s living area. One might imagine all the perks of living practically inside of a grocery store, such as receiving free or discounted food, drinks or gasoline. However, owning a grocery store comes with some heavy responsibilities for Coleman.

“I mainly work as a cashier, but I also cook, clean and stock the shelves when needed,” said Coleman.

Coleman strives to be a great employee and go above and beyond. Not only does he enjoy working at Hilltop, but he has also learned some valuable lessons he can carry with him into his future. Responsibility, respect and problem-solving are some skills Coleman has acquired throughout his years of working at Hilltop. However, to Coleman, the most valuable skill he has obtained is the ability to work with people

“In the real world, you will always have to work with people. Working at Hilltop has really taught me some people skills that will really benefit me in any career path I choose,” said Coleman.

Of all the benefits Coleman receives by working at Hilltop, his favorite would have to be receiving free things he would otherwise have to buy. His labor accounts for the payment of the various things he decides to get without purchase. Despite the many benefits of living and being employed at Hilltop Grocery, Coleman is certain he will not be continuing ownership of the store following his parents retirement.

“Sadly, I do not plan to continue to run the store as a career path. While it is a fun place to hang out, I plan on either going to law enforcement or just finding a good job,” said Coleman.

Even though Coleman does not plan to continue the legacy of Hilltop, he realizes all the valuable life lessons he has gained. He has been learning lessons daily for 18 years. Coleman knows he will always give thanks to the small store in Hardinsburg where he was raised.

“I will forever be thankful for what Hilltop has provided me, other than an income for me and my family. I will carry the life lessons I have learned for as long as I live,” said Coleman.


Story by Jace Ingle