Lee Dances to the Beat


Seventh grader Jadlyn Lee has participated in dance since she was in first grade. She is a part of the Jean-Marie Dance Studio in Vincennes, Indiana. She types of dance she participates in are Hip Hop, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Gymnastics, Skills and Contemporary. Lee either dances solo or with her partner, Mallory. Her oldest sister, Renee, was involved in dance, so Lee decided she wanted to try it too.

“Even though I joined in the first grade, I participated in my first competition just last year. I  compete against girls or boys that are in seventh grade or above,” said Lee.

She will be traveling to St. Louis, Missouri and Nashville, Tennessee for competitions this year. Lee competed in two competitions last year, but she will be competing in four different competitions this year. For Lee, competitions begin at 8 a.m. and will not usually end until 10 p.m each day. In preparation, she practices for four to five hours two times a week, going over both of the routines they have for all their competitions for this year.

“I perform my solo at all four, but Mallory’s and my duo will only be performed at two competitions,” said Lee.

Lee encourages others to get involved with dance.

“It is a lot of fun. You get to have different bonds with different people,” said Lee.

Lee plans to continue to cheer into high school and also wants to continue into her college years.

“I am wanting to attend the University of Kentucky and be a cheerleader or dancer in college,” said Lee.

Dance has taught her skills that go farther than just how to dance. She believes it has taught her to meet new people and it has showed her how to help others achieve their goals.  These skills will be beneficial throughout her life.


Story by Faith Wilder