English Students to Travel to IUS for Play


This Friday, March 15, English teacher Maria Wishart will be taking her eleventh grade English class on a field trip. Because they have been learning a lot about Shakespeare, they will be going to Indiana University Southeast to see their theatre department’s production of Shakespeare’s comedy, As You Like It.

“People often think that in a Shakespearean play, everyone ends up dead. He didn’t just write tragedies. He wrote history plays and very, very funny comedies. It is nice to experience live theater, and even better when it is Shakespeare,” said Wishart.

Wishart has always enjoyed Shakespeare and believes the students should see his plays any chance they can get. There will be about thirty students going on the trip.

Wishart’s overall goal of the trip is to allow her students to have the chance to see Shakespeare and have the students see the book they have read come to life.

“His plays are wonderful reading, but they are meant to be watched. They are much more accessible that way too. Everyone can understand it enough to enjoy it,” said Wishart.

This field trip is highly anticipated by all who will be attending.

“The students are thrilled, and I am too,” said Wishart.


Story by Corinne Magner