Newsela Stories Accessible for PHS Students

Newsela Stories Accessible for PHS Students

Being up to date on today’s news is now a little easier for students. Newsela is a program which creates digital articles for students to read, and these articles cover all of today’s trending news and more. What teachers find most exciting about this program is that these articles can be written for different reading levels.

“We need to get students reading. These are short, interesting, current, relevant articles that will complement what students are learning in class and hopefully encourage them to read on their own,” said English teacher Maria Wishart.

Newsela contains articles on any topic imaginable. Information about math, science, health, culture, government, sports, music, economy, food and more can be found on Newsela. There are even articles talking about books which might be assigned to read in school as well as authentic historical documents set at lower reading levels. A quiz about the content within the article comes after it has been read. If a student is reading recreationally, they have the choice to skip the quiz and move on to something else.

Superintendent Greg Walker helped make Newsela accessible. Newsela is currently a pilot program to see how students and teachers like it. Teachers can use it to assign stories for their students to read that relate to what they are learning in class at that time. When it comes to the reading level, the teacher or the students can choose the difficulty.

“Teachers can access data about student progress that helps them gauge how a class is doing, how individual students are doing and can help individualize learning,” said Wishart.

PHS has a subscription to Newsela, which means any student can create an account and read whatever and whenever they want. To explore Newsela, go to to start reading.


Story by Sara Kesterson