Wells Photography a Full-Time Job


Not every student can say they earn a paycheck for the work they do at school, but junior Addison Wells has been earning a regular check for her work for the past two years.

Wells started to become interested in photography her freshman year. Ever since then, she has grown to be an important photographer for the PHS Media Department. Wells is most interested in sports photography. This interest was sparked when she was asked to be the sports team photographer for the media department her freshman year.  

“My favorite sport to take pictures of is basketball. Once you get a good shot, it looks pretty cool,” said Wells.

Wells realized her talent with photography when she exhibited some of her photos at the 4-H fair.

“I had actually gotten awards for 4-H, and that’s when I started to know I was a good photographer,” said Wells.

Wells’s photography skills have even taken her to the Indiana State Fair.

“I’ve always gotten first place. One year, I had gotten Reserve Grand Champion, Champion and I went to State,” said Wells.

As a staff photographer, Wells has had many of her photos published in the yearbook each year.

“I am glad that I can be part of the Paoli Media Department and am able to take pictures,” said Wells.

Wells plans to continue being a media photographer through the rest of high school.

In addition to taking photos of sporting events and school activities, Wells also gets a paycheck for her photo work.

“What Addison does for our department is a real job, and she does it so well. I am so grateful for all her work,” said Journalism Adviser Heather Nichols.

Wells does not believe she will be taking photos in the future, but she is glad she has done it through her high school years.

“I cannot wait until I can look back and see the progress of what I have done and how I have shaped as a photographer,” said Wells.

Story by Corinne Magner