Students Explore Ways to Cope


As many students and teachers may know, high school students are constantly under stress and many do not know of ways to cope. English and speech teacher Carol Fullington has found a way which she hopes will benefit both the student body and teachers. 

Fullington has turned to mindfulness, a mental state where one focuses on themselves in the present moment, which allows the mind and body to relax. To teach others, Fullington invited mindfulness instructor Kara Schmidt, a PHS graduate, to interact with the students. 

“Mindfulness can help individuals manage their stress and emotions more effectively,” said Schmidt.

On January 21, Schmidt came into Fullington’s third period speech class for their first session. The class will have two sessions a week for eight weeks. Throughout this time, students will be taught the basics of mindfulness, mindfulness techniques and different movements, such as yoga, that can benefit them.

So far, the classes have completed three sessions of mindfulness and one session of movement, both having tied in with mindfulness techniques. 

Currently, only Fullington’s speech classes are in the course, but she hopes this trial will soon open the doors for the rest of the high school.

Story by Michael Hannon