National Philanthropy Day 2021


On November 15, Youth Council Members from Paoli, Orleans, and Valley will be giving presentations at each of their schools for National Philanthropy Day. National Philanthropy Day is a day to celebrate charitable activities, in the form of donated financial and volunteering support. 

Corinne Magner, Senior at Paoli High School is the Public Relations Officer representing Paoli for Youth Council and will go through the presentations with help from other members in Youth Council from Paoli.

“I am excited to be able to give these presentations so students understand what National Philanthropy Day is. We also will have a Kahoot! at the end and I think it will be a really fun experience,” said Paoli Public Relations Officer, Corinne Magner. 

The presentation will be held in the Cafeteria at the High School for the Junior High. The Paoli Youth Council members who will also be helping with the presentations are Seniors: Laykin Busick, Corinne Magner, Angie Ceja, Michael Hannon, Amanda Bowles, Juniors: Clara Henderson, Serenity Sweet, Isabell Shipman, Sophomores: Savannah Key, Cambry Tinkle, Olivia McSpadden, and Eighth Grader Libby Newkirk. 

“I’m excited to teach seventh graders about Philanthropy, Youth Council, and the philanthropy we do in our community as youth council members,” stated Junior Youth Council Member Clara Henderson. 

Story by Corrine Magner