15 Minutes of Fame: Senior Marty Higgins


Courtesy Photo

Marty and his friends gather for their campaign on Sundays,

  1. How did everything start? Who or what gave you the idea?

    • I was invited by a friend to partake in their D&D campaign and I initially thought it was a little odd, but I started getting into it, and after learning about world building I fell in love with it and decided to start my own campaign.
  2. What’s your role in the campaign?

    • I am what is known as the DM, Dungeon Master. Since it’s a homebrew campaign I come up with the story for the group, trying to predict and plan every single move that they might make, so that their story feels smooth. In a funny sense it’s like playing God, is like having complete control over everything in that world, everything they do needs to pass by me.
  3. Can you give us an outline of the story behind the campaign?

    • The basic gist of the story line is that there is a large continent surrounded by smaller islands that is occupied by mostly elves. The continent itself is divided into 2 nations that have been in war for about 200 years. The reasoning behind the war is because the northern elves believed to be superior and basically started a race war. In response to that our campaign is set out to be a sort of special operation war effort as a means of undermining the North’s plans.
  4. Where do you find the inspiration to write the story?

    • I take a lot from works of J. R. R.Tolkien or Robert Jordan, however most of it comes from the top of my head, I try to write what I would find interesting or what I would enjoy as a player.
  5. How long has this campaign been going and how long do you plan to keep it alive?

    • Our campaign is composed of myself, Adin Monroe, Keenan Hays, Matteo Sambruni, Ellie Sims, Maw Newkirk, Vince Fugate and Charlie Higgins. We started our campaign in August and I plan to keep it going until Matteo has to return to Italy in June, at which point I will tragically kill off his character, but I plan to keep going in college with some of the party members.