Student Art Feature: Abbie Leonard

Student Art Feature: Abbie Leonard


Abbie Leonard is a sophomore at PHS. She has taken art three art classes and is currently taking Drawing II. Leonard is excited to learn more about the arts and make herself better.

What is your favorite thing about art?

It is relaxing

What are your favorite materials?

Pencil and paper

What is your favorite piece you have made?

My full-body self portrait because there is a lot of contrast

What is your favorite type of art?


How long have you been interested in art?

Ever since I can remember

What will you be working on next in your art class?

The Rampage Project

What made you decide to join art?

It is what I love doing and it is my career choice

What art career do you want to pursue?

I know I want to have a career that deals with art, but I’m undecided so far.


Feature by Olivia Strother; Photo by Breanna Daugherty