Man on the Street: Town Square Renovations

What do you think about the new renovations on the square?

Dooley_H_WEB Senior Hannah Dooley
“I think they’re good; we need to keep our town updated.”


Junior Olivia Strother
“I think they are neat. It’s amazing that not very long ago those buildings were nothing but a pile of ashes.”

Allen_A_WEBSenior Ashley Allen
“It will benefit the community immensely.”

Cornwell_S_WEBSenior Spencer Cornwell
“The upgrades were a good idea. Our square deserves some attention.”

Agan_M_WEBEighth grader Matthew Agan
“I think it looks cool. The square is the center of the town and it is good for the community.”

Info by Chelsea Conrad

Student Art Feature: Nikki Mitchell


Nikki Mitchell is a junior at PHS. She has taken three years of art, and is currently in 2D Art. Mitchell is excited to get creating pieces she will create on her own.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

My favorite material to work with is pastels.

What is your favorite project you have done so far?

My favorite project so far would have to be my portrait of me and Bri.

What are you currently working on in art?

In art we are working on Prom.

What did you work on last?

The last project I did in art was a perspective drawing on the classroom.

What is your favorite thing about the class?

My favorite thing about the class is that it’s all personal, and the choice is up to each individual.

Do you plan on taking art throughout high school?

Yes, I plan on taking AP Art next year.

Do you plan in pursuing a career in art after graduation? If so what?

If I were going to have a career in art it would most likely be graphic design.


Feature by Olivia Strother; Photo by Breanna Daugherty