Guidance Department kicks off College Go Week

This week, the PHS Guidance Department is hosting College Go Week. 

“College Go Week is a state wide event that focuses on promoting two and four year college enrollment and many colleges during this event waive their application fees,” said PCCA Guide Ginny Nelson.

To promote the event the guidance department has arranged visits from IU Southeast and the University of Indianapolis. They have also planned a game of trivia for the morning announcements and for the social media page. A scavenger hunt has also been planned with items around the school. They will have prizes for the winners.

College Go Week is for grades 7-12, working to help students obtain as much information as possible to help make a plan for their future. For more information you can contact any staff in the guidance department.

Story by Cambry Tinkle

Seniors and juniors get a dramatic look at American History

On Tuesday September 21, juniors and seniors will go to the auditorium to watch the play, “We the People” performed by Kentucky Shakespeare, an organization from Louisville that works to bring dramatic events to students. In 50 minutes, students will experience key moments of American history through a “dramatic retelling”. 

The production will last throughout third period and during a portion of homeroom. If there is time afterward, some discussion questions will be facilitated for the students to better apply themselves to the storyline and deeper meanings. 

“[We are excited] for the connections we hope this makes for them in the U.S. Government, U.S. History, and English, and perhaps other parts of our curriculum as well,”said U.S. history teacher Chris Lindley. 

After seeing a mention of the show in the Kentucky Shakespeare newsletter, Drama teacher Maria Wishart shared the event with Lindley. The two saw it as a good opportunity to introduce some fun back into school following the COVID19 pandemic and can offer key insights you can receive from simply reading out of a textbook.

Story by Jozalyn Kempf