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Service Day 2017: Construction

For PHS, Service Day is a big day. Each year since 2015, students from the junior high and high school partake in various service projects for the school and for the community. This year, one group is planning on completing a large project. Jon Shellenberger, the construction tech teacher, is planning on taking a group of his students to the Orange County Recycling Co-Op here in Paoli.

“I like that the construction trades program is able to do work in the community, and in this case, support a great organization like the recycling cooperative,” said Shellenberger.

At the Orange County Recycling Co-Op, they will get rid of the old roof that is above the cardboard recycling area and replace it with a brand new one. His class has visited the center multiple times now to take measurements. To gather all the supplies needed, they purchased the material from Bender Lumber, also here in Paoli. In all, the cost for the materials will be around $900. However, for or a service project like this, it is a monumental help in the community.


Story by Michael Hannon

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