Lindley Offers Grief Care To PHS Students

Amelia Hess, Advertising, YB Design Editor

History teacher Chris Lindley has been the coordinator of clubs such as FCA and Games Club for years now, but this year Lindley decided to add something new to his list. Grief Care was recently introduced to students at PHS at the beginning of the school year. It is an opportunity for students to express their grief and learn how to process it.

Grief is universal.

— Chris Lindley

Many students at PHS have experienced a tragedy and don’t know how to process their emotions or come forward with their grief. Grief is everlasting but it is necessary to grieve. The Grief Care group is a safe environment where students can talk about their experiences with grief and learn how to grow within it. Emotions are not meant to be buried and grief club gives students the opportunity to feel supported throughout their process of grief. 

“Grief is universal. Everyone encounters grief at some point in their life and many students are lost within their grief or trying to work their way through it. So I designed this group to help them through the process,” said Lindley. 

The Grief Care group meets every two week on Thursdays or Fridays. The specific day and location may change due to convocations or other club meetings so be sure to listen to homeroom announcements for specifics. For more information email Chris Lindley at [email protected].