Day of Giving Comes to Paoli

Boston International Brings Gifts of Holiday Joy to Students and Staff


Taylor Morgan

Staff at Boston International pose for a picture, while handing out gifts.

Seventh grader Jada Smith gets a gift. (Taylor Morgan)

On Friday, December 16, students at Paoli High School and Throop Elementary received a holiday surprise. 

Boston International, a women-owned, design-driven company, located in French Lick, made a surprise visit with their annual Day of Giving.

“We give back to the community and if we’re doing good and our company’s doing good, we give to our employees and we give to the community,” said Vice President of Operations Paul Metz. “In the past we’ve helped different groups and this year we have started focusing on the schools, nursing homes and the Blessing Boxes.”

Pam Metz, President and Owner of Boston International, was in charge of helping in the elementary school. Not only does Boston International give to the community, they also give back to their employees.

We give back to the community and if we’re doing good and our company’s doing good, we give to our employees and we give to the community.

— VP of Operations Paul Metz

“We take and break up into four different groups, and we spread holiday cheer throughout the community. And then after we’re done with giving, then we convene for our Christmas party, and then we give it to our employees,” said Metz.

The company bought granola bars, fruit, pens, notebooks and cards for the students.

Metz says the Boston International Day of Giving is a way to help the community and help the employees. Boston International relocated to Indiana during 2020, which was the year of Covid. 

“So we moved during Covid. Which was good and bad. I’m sure there were definitely some challenges there,” said Metz. 

Leanne Beausoleil is one employee who relocated with the company.

“I think it’s amazing. It’s wonderful. It’s like one of the best companies to work for,” said Beausoleil.

Junior high student collects item from worker. (Taylor Morgan)

The Day of Giving started when the company was in Boston, donating to shelters in Florida, homeless shelters in Rhode Island, animal shelters, as well as donating to St. Jude. The company decided to continue the project here also.

“(The Day of Giving) allows our employees to be able to give and give to the community, interact with the community, and it’s just, it’s a feel good, just positive,” said Metz.

Pam and Paul Metz, are originally from Indiana but moved from Indiana to Boston, Massachusetts for the company, but ultimately decided to head back to French Lick. They offered their employees to relocate with the company and had fourteen employees relocate.