15 Minutes of Fame: Junior Maddi Warren


Courtesy Photo

Junior Maddi Warren and her father Frank Warren smile for a picture in Warren’s car.

Warren works on her car. (Courtesy Photo)

What first got you into racing?

– I’ve been around it my whole life, and I have always looked up to my dad!

How often do you race?

– I go in the summer, then next summer we’re going to go every weekend.

Do you compete or is it just for fun?

– Usually both, if it’s test and tune then it’s to see where I’m at and how much faster I need to be.

How would you get yourself ready for those?

– When I drag race, all I have to wear is a helmet, but when I start up circle track, I’ll have to wear a suit and a helmet.

Do you wish to continue this hobby in the future?

– Yes, I want to involve my kids someday because it has made me who I am.

Do you get any inspiration from anyone? If so, who and why?

Warren drives her car. (Courtesy Photo)

– My dad, we use to go racing every weekend he would bring me out on the track. He has always been so good at racing so I wanted to try it out.

What is something you would tell people interested in racing?

– Go for it, it is such an adrenaline rush and you get to go fast legally.