New Guidelines Put in Place for 2020-2021 Basketball Season


New guidelines and regulations were put in place for the 2020-2021 Paoli High School Basketball season. To decide the guidelines, administrators met and compared plans for other schools and put together a plan that would help keep PHS safe while still allowing for a season to take place. Some of the rules for this season include:

  • Practice social distancing when waiting in lines at ticket booths, restrooms, and concession stands. Social distancing lines will be marked. Avoid congregating inside or outside of the facilities. 
  • Face coverings will be required when attending any Paoli athletic events. Face coverings should be worn at all times with the exception of eating or drinking.
  • Tickets will be sold at the doors ($5.00 for varsity/JV and $3.00 for JH and C-team)
  • Players, managers, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, band members, and workers will not be included in the maximum attendance count.
  • All varsity and C-team games (boys and girls) will be played in the upper gym, while all JH games (boys and girls) will be played in the lower gym.

Attendance will be limited, but the number of people allowed depends on the color of our county or the opposing team’s county at that given time:

  • Blue – 50% capacity (upper gym 1900 people, lower gym 400 people)
  • Yellow – 25% capacity (upper gym 950 people, lower gym 200 people)
  • Orange – 2 tickets per player allowed ONLY for immediate family members, and no cheerleaders or pep bands
  • Red – event will be postponed or cancelled

“We hope by following these guidelines we will still be able to have our sports and have our student athletes doing the things they like to do,” said Athletic Director Darek Newkirk.

A message from the administrators within the guidelines also state, “As we navigate events at PHS this year, we are making adjustments to our procedures based on state and local health officials and COVID-19 guidelines. Our plans today are based on current official rules and expectations and are subject to change at any moment. When a new guideline is published from our state and local officials, we may also adjust our procedures. We appreciate your continued support of our school and especially the support of our student athletes.”For a more extensive list of the guidelines, visit

Story by Michael Hannon