A new resource officer for the 2021-22 school year


Joz Kempf, Social Media Staff

As students saw in the presentation on the first day of the 20-21 school year, many new staff members joined. This includes new School Resource Officer Andrew Streble. 

Three years ago, Streble moved to Paoli from Louisville, Kentucky where he got a job at the local police department. 

“I came across a Facebook post that the Paoli Police Department was accepting applications for the position of School Resource Officer so I decided to apply,” said Streble. “Paoli has felt like home since the day I moved here and I wanted to do my part to help better the community and thought this would be a good way to do it.”

After working as a police officer for over 10 years, Streble describes working for a school as “a nice change of pace.” Sometimes, he does miss working for the Louisville Metro Police Department,where the work was fast-paced, but the predictability of his schedule and his interactions with the students make it worthwhile. 

“I do like interacting with the students although most days you all make me feel extremely old,” said Streble.

He warns students if they see him out walking his three-legged pitbull Khali — she is friendly. All you have to be worried about is your fashion choices.

“I see a lot of kids wearing Nirvana shirts,” said Streble. “I may start asking you what your favorite Nirvana song is just to be sure it’s not just a fashion choice.”

Streble wants to make sure students are aware that he has an “open door policy.” If you have any issues or questions for him, he will help you to the best of his ability. You can find him in the hallways or in his room located in the main office.