Bosley Joins PHS Staff

Paul Bosley fills math teacher position


Adin Monroe, Video Feature Editor, PHS News Today Staff

School started for most students and teachers on August 3, but for math teacher Paul Bosley his first day started 20 days later. 

Bosley came from Salem High School to Paoli to fill the spot left by former math teacher Adam Stroud. Stroud moved to the role of assistant principal over the summer. Bosley is currently teaching pre-calculus, calculus, calculus II, finite and physics.

Bosley found the beginning of school to be harder than usual due to his later start. On top of having to learn the differences in rules and routines at PHS, Bosley has had to adjust his typical curriculum and pacing for students. 

“There are many things that are more difficult when beginning after the school year is underway. Getting to know what the students have and have not mastered makes it difficult when planning lessons,” said Bosley. 

Although he has been here for under a month, he has enjoyed his time here so far. The atmosphere of PHS has proven impressive, Bosley noting the sense of community within the school and the behavior of students as the best he has encountered in his many years of teaching.

Bosley wants his students and their parents to know that he is always available if they have any questions or concerns. He encourages them to reach out to him for any help they may need.

“I am very glad to be here, and I will do everything possible to see my students succeed,” said Bosley.