JAG Offers A Helping Hand

If you have any questions, contact Katie Cook or any JAG member.


PHS Media Staff

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Jerzie Crane, Hillcrest Yearbook Staff

The JAG Clothing closet is designed to help students with their clothing needs. The process is basic, JAG Sponsor Katie Cook and her class accepts donations, purchases new items when they can, and makes clothes available to anyone in need.

After the students get donations, they sort them and decide what they are going to keep and what they will pass along to Goodwill. The JAG students do not keep items that are torn or stained, not dress code approved, or really out of style. All clothes are washed, folded, and sorted into sizes. Shirts are kept on shelves, pants in a cabinet, and other stuff is divided out into boxes. There is always a grab-and-go rack outside the JAG room of the most requested items for students to just grab if needed. 

“The JAG closet is very beneficial to all students, especially those with an economic disadvantage can get clothes for zero cost,” said senior JAG member Wyatt Blankenship. “Something new that we are working on is a shoe rack to display the shoes better. We plan to have one day a week where we put the racks in the hallway (a grab-and-go shoe rack). We are also trying to get a RAMS rack going and attire for spirit weeks as well.”

Any student in need of clothing items should visit the JAG Clothing Closet, located in the north end of the building, outside the JAG classroom. If you have any questions, contact Katie Cook or any JAG member.