Reinstating Rocky: Booster Club to Bring Back Mascot


Courtesy Photo

Here is an image of the old rocky ram costume, which is the one they are replacing when they raise enough money.

River Fleming, NP Design Editor, Editor in Chief

The Rocky Ram mascot has yet to attend an athletic event this school year, and the poor conditions of the two current costumes are to blame for Rocky’s absence. This year’s Booster Club, however, is planning to purchase a new Rocky Ram mascot costume.

The costume members currently have picked out is around $1,500. In order to raise this money, Booster Club has held a variety of different fundraisers.

At the beginning of the school year, students were able to purchase Booster Club merchandise. They sold t-shirts, hoodies and crew necks. The club profited over $150 from these sales.

The students got the idea to sell temporary tattoos featuring drawings of rams and a “P” for Paoli. These were sold during student lunches on Fridays as well as home football games. They brought in around $100 each game these were sold.

Following the success of the temporary tattoos, Booster Club also began selling magnets and stickers. Magnets are now being sold for $7 and stickers are being sold for $5.

Booster Club plans to continue selling tattoos, magnets and stickers throughout the school year for long-term fundraising.

Booster Club Sponsor Chris Jones hopes to see the fundraisers continue to be successful as winter sports emerge.

“So far the sales have been pretty strong. We’re looking forward to the boys’ and girls’ basketball seasons because those games should make us quite a bit of money,” said Jones.

When the year started, the club had about $800 already in its account. This year’s fundraisers have raised about $400 to go toward the Rocky Ram costume. Overall, there has been approximately $1,200 raised, with a little over $300 to go to reach their goal.

“We’re really excited to be able to sell these things. We hope to be able to have Rocky Ram back in action soon,” said Booster Club President Austin Benales.