News to Us: PHS Hosting Bullying Awareness Convocation

On September 26, beginning at 12:30 p.m., and lasting for 90 minutes all students will be attending a convocation in the auditorium with information about bullying.

The convocation’s purpose is to present info on bullying and raising general awareness. Students will hear from Jodee Blanco, author of New York Times Bestsellers Please Stop Laughing at Me, Please Stop Laughing at Us and Please Stop Laughing at Me Journal.

“My primary message to students is three fold: bullying is not just joking around, it damages you for life; bullying just isn’t the mean things you do, it’s all the nice things you never do; and if you’re being bullied or shunned, there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s everything that’s right about you that makes you a target, and that you shouldn’t change for anyone, it is those who put you down who need to change,” said Blanco in a statement.

The administration and the guidance department hope that this event will open some eyes in the student body about bullying.

“We hope that after the presentation our students will be inspired to be more compassionate with one another and that our staff and parents will be able to identify bullying and know strategies for how to handle those situations,” said guidance counselor Brandi Kerley. “While no current events precipitated the convocation, it’s our goal to make sure that we are proactive in finding solutions to issues of bullying.”

After the convocation, students will have an opportunity to purchase some of Blanco’s books at a discount, as well as being able to participate in book-signing and a parent and teacher bullying workshop.

Story by Zach Orth