News to Us: First Zombie Dash Success

On November 5, something at Paoli happened for the first time: The PHS Zombie Dash.

An event in which students of PHS ran through the nature trail and around many of the athletic facilities while being chased by “zombies”. The purpose of the event was for the senior and junior classes to raise money for prom, post-prom and other class activities.

At the end of the night there were 62 runners and 37 zombies. The run raised about $650.

“It was funny and fun to scare people,” said eighth grade zombie Garrett Vincent. “But it was hard to see because it was so dark.”

Originally the students running and walking through the trail were supposed to have flags around their waist, and the goal to be to get out of the trail with your flag still attached. But the leaders of the event decided not to involve the flags, for it would be too dark to see.

The course started behind the high school locker room, went up the hill leading towards the nature trail, through the nature trail, out the other side leading towards the track running one lap of the track, then finished by sitting in the bleachers.

Last year the fundraiser for the Prom was the Color Rampede. The Zombie Dash was an option, but was not finally chosen. The event was coordinated by librarian and class sponsor Brenda Eubank.

The make-up committee consisted of sophomores Olivia Becht and McKinley Haley and seniors Katie Stahl and Emily Condra.

“It really was a lot of fun!” said eighth grader Seth Hackney.

Many people were involved in the event, including parents and people from the community.

“Seeing kids and parents having this fun experience together was the best thing that happened tonight. If you weren’t here this year, do it next year,” said parent Karie Becht.

Even Superintendent Casey Brewster was a zombie.

“Spending time with the kids and getting ready was the best fun I had,” said Brewster.

At the end of the race, five prizes were given out from a drawing. To put the night to an end all of the zombies danced “hobbled” on the football field to the song Monster Mash, then “ate” the audience.

Freshman Keegan Anderson dances with another zombified participant.
Freshman Keegan Anderson dances with another zombified participant.

Story by Adam Engleking and Travis Mefford
Photo by Morgan Babcock