Don’t Miss Mr. PHS!

Mr. PHS is organized just like any ordinary beauty pageant; contestents perform various tasks and are judged on a point system. Points are only deducted when judges notice a lack of participation. The point of Mr. PHS is for the contestents to have fun, and to raise money for the 2014 prom.

Contestents will have a coordinator from either the same department they are nominated from, or from a corresponding organization (e.g. football/volleyball).

Superintendent Casey Brewster will man the MC job again this year.

General consensus is that Brewster performed admirably at last year’s Mr. PHS competition, given his ability to stay calm behind a microphone.

Judges will be the same from last year’s version, minus one replacement; Amber Blankenbaker, Glenn Leone, and Jerry Stroud. Lila Tucker will replace Jolie Lindley this year. Doors will be open at around 5:30 p.m. Admission at the door will be $3.