Drama Club Enjoys Skate Day

On January 18, the Drama Club enjoyed a club outing to Jasper where the group watched a movie and went roller skating.

“It was a fun Drama day to follow up on the last two musicals. Several of the cast and crew from the fall musical, The Sound of Music, had not ever seen the film, so we got together to watch that,” said Drama Director Maria Wishart. 

To start the day, the group watched The Sound of Music. Following the movie, they traveled to Jasper Skate Palace to roller skate. Because a few actors in Footloose, a previous play the club performed, had to wear roller skates, the members decided to try it.

Members who attended the trip were seventh graders Rhiannon Pinnick, Riley Belcher, eighth graders Raistlin Pinnick, freshman A.J. Lopez, sophomores Angie Ceja, Kylee Charles, Michael Hannon, Haley Cox, Amanda Bowles and Zoe Jennings,  juniors Chandler Hinton, Libby Padgett, Haley Owens and Christian Ruth, and seniors Vanesa Swartz, Alex Milligan, Mason Smith and Devin Thompson. History teacher Chris Lindley and his wife and grandson joined the group, as Lindley aides the Drama Club.

“Drama Club is comprised of the fun, talented, hard-working, super-cool students who participate in stage productions, either onstage or behind-the-scenes, or both,” said Wishart. 

Story by Corinne Magner

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