Local Community Members Help Students With Peddlers Market


PHS Media Staff

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Ayla Anderson, Paolite Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 1 will mark the fifth Early Release day at PHS. Each Early Release day, the activities are planned in advance by the Positive Behavior Intervention System Committee (PBIS), chaired by History Teacher Chris Lindley and Science Teacher Lori Stroud. 

On the upcoming half-day, a panel of guest speakers from the community will be in attendance. They will be at PHS to give students advice on the activity already in the works for April’s Early Release day: the Peddler’s Market. 

The Peddler’s Market is a project in which each homeroom class will sponsor a booth and hopefully learn about what it takes to manage a business. 

Each speaker will focus on an aspect of running a business to better help the students prepare their booths.

In attendance will be: 

Tessa Higgs, Marketing Director for French Lick Resorts

William Windhorst, Local business owner of Windhorst for the Home and Dubs

Jamey Sullivan, Local business owner of Sullivan Financial Consulting of Raymond James 

Danelle Manship, PHS teacher and local business owner of Enid and Elle 

Erin Cook, Local business owner of Big Creek Boutique 

After the consultations, PBIS has more in store for the day. The group will be hosting the first Paoli’s Got Talent Show, a variety show inviting students and teachers to perform. The event will take place in the auditorium. PBIS is only taking 10-12 acts for the show so any students or staff members interested must sign up via Google form for a chance of being named the first Paoli’s Got Talent star.