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Blog: Do better when it comes to animals

There is something that seriously irritates me.

Some might even call it a pet peeve.

“Pet” being the key word.

I believe in animal safety and not abusing animals.

Abuse on animals is wrong in every way. Animals have feelings; they are living creatures that need love from their owners. They need to be petted, fed and watered daily. They need care from a loving person.

I have seen people just let the animal out of the house and not care where they went.

That is a sign of animal abuse?

If the animal has been inside the house its whole life; it doesn’t know how to keep its self alive. Animals cannot defend for themselves; they don’t know where to go to find food.

Some of the animals I have seen out in the streets are skinny, nasty looking, about to die. “Mom I need to help the animal…” I say this daily to my mom and what I get is: No!

Seeing the animals on the streets break my heart because, they are not loved like I am. These animals are not loved like my animals are. These animals don’t get attention from anyone. They need to be cared about and loved, not put out on the streets.

Have you ever thought about what would you do if you were an animal on the street?

How many times have I been through a situation where it was take the animal home and be grounded or ask someone if they can take it in until I find a home for it? I have gone through that a lot.

It really kills me that I can’t help the homeless animals around my hometown. I believe that if you are not going to treat it right then DON’T GET THE ANIMAL in the first place.

How many times have I thought about going to the Orange County Humane Society?

So many times just to help with animals and see if I can do anything to find them a home?

Who needs animals?

Someone who needs a best friend.

In my mind, it’s my pets before me, if they don’t eat I don’t. I treat my pets as my babies. I treat them as family. I take other animals as my best friends.

I want my animals to be happy and make sure they are safe as well. All these animals could have a nice home and it can make our town better and happier.

I would love to see these animals all healthy. Seeing these animals all over the town and county just makes me want to cry. I wish I could do something about these animals being homeless.

That’s probably what I’m doing this summer. I am going to make this town a better place for animals to be living. I am going to do my best to get these poor animals in the friendliest homes and make sure they are safe.

My goal is to make this town the best town with animals. My goal is to get half of these strays in loving homes.

Everyone tries to say they want the school to be the best place. They are right but, I say our town should be the best we can. To do what I think we should do is going to be hard considering the people around here put the animals out in the cold without food and water like they are not living!

Animals have feelings just like we do.

Story by Miranda Coe

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