Free Athletic Physicals

What is a physical? By definition, an athletic physical is a medical examination to determine the condition of a person’s health or physical fitness, especially for a specified activity or service. A physical is used to check and see if a person is healthy for certain activities. The most popular physical examination is an athletic physical.

Athletes, especially in high school, need an athletic physical at least once a year. The get these regular check-ups to make sure nothing is wrong with their bodies, like irregular heart movements, cancerous lumps and blood pressure. If an athlete is deemed fit by the specialist, then they can participate in any sports the wish. The thing about physicals is that they can be expensive.

This year, any student grades 7-11 can get a physical without the cost of expensive doctors. The Paoli Comprehensive Healthcare Center is offering free athletic physicals to any student athlete from Paoli.

On May 9, all athletes from Paoli are welcome to come to get there free physical and save a good amount of money by not going to the doctor. Interested students should listen for more information in the coming weeks about the event – but mark your calendar today.

Info by Ethan Wells