Q&A with Cross Country Coach Mrs. Hudelson

What were your team goals for this season?
To do well in the Conference meet.

What is the thing that your runners do best?
They encourage one another and some of them push each other during practice.

What is the thing that your runners need to work on?
About half of them need to work on trying harder in practice.

How many meets do you have this season?
Nine total, then Sectional.

How long have you been coaching high school cross country?
Two years.

How do you feel about the group of athletes that you have this season?
They are a fun group and some of them work really hard and the others have a lot of potential if they would work at it a little.

What are the perks of being a high school cross country coach?
Ummm… being outside and being able to run and exercise when the kids are running.


Information gathered by: Jace Ingle

Photo by: Keisha Levi