Agriculture Department Provides Food


There are new changes to be brought to the lunchroom this year, but they are only for the better. The Agriculture Department, taught by Cory Scott and Kyle Woolston, are able to produce meals for the school.

“Every time there are large sausage patties, sausage gravy, or pork BBQ, it is ours. In a few weeks when you start seeing dark green lettuce; it is also ours. Hopefully by Christmas, people will start seeing our tomatoes,” said Scott.

While all classes students take are to teach something valuable to apply in life after school, Scott and Woolston’s classes are even more applicable.

“Our students are learning sustainable food production methods, by actually producing the food we eat here at school,” said Scott.

Look forward to seeing more home grown food in the cafeteria soon to come.

Story by Alexis Decarlo