Senior Meeting Recap

As the school year kicks off, seniors are being prepared for all of the costs they will face this year and reminded of the strict timeline.

Annual chocolate sales have started and the chocolate bars are $1 each with flavor choices of caramel, almond, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and crisp. All money made from the sales will go to senior prom, the senior trip and graduation expenses.

The goal is for every student to sell at least one box of chocolates. Each box contains 60 bars and all seniors who sell a full box by August 24 will be put in a drawing for a 5 pound chocolate bar.

A few other subjects were discussed. Herff Jones will be at the next class meeting, which will be September 21, they will be showing order forms and will be back a week later to have order forms ready to be picked up.

Journalism Director Heather Nichols touched base on the pictures that will need to be turned in for the Senior Tribute as well as headshots for the yearbook.

Be sure to buy a chocolate bar from one of the PHS students!

Story by Alexis Decarlo

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