No Sew Blankets for House Fire Victims

PHS is having their second annual service day for the surrounding communities. Staff members pick a service they would like to lead and students sign up for the service they would like to participate in.

Math teachers Alicia Clark, Kassi Harkness and Cindy Stout are supervisors for their No Sew Blanket Service. Students who participate in this service will be making blankets for the fire department to give to families that lose, or have lost, everything they have in house fires.

“I know that if I lost everything in a house fire, I would be devastated. I would be happy to receive something like this in my time of need, so I’m happy to do the same for someone else,” said Clark.

This service project will take place at the school and the blankets will be delivered to the fire department by the end of the day.

“I’ve been making no sew blankets since high school, so it’s something that I really enjoy. I think it will be fun to teach the students how to do this also,” said Clark.

Story by Bela Brewster


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