Care Packages for Foster Families

Junior High Special Ed teacher Josie Spaid will be joining a several other teachers in participating in PHS’s second annual service day. Spaid’s part will be putting together care packages for foster homes and foster families around the area. Spaid was inspired to come up with this idea because she herself is a foster parent.

“I became a foster parent in December of 2015 and have had four children in my home. So, I wanted to reach out and help other foster parents and help the children that are in the system,” said Spaid.

Spaid’s goal for this whole experience is to make the transition for people going into foster homes a little bit easier. Every item counts for the children going into foster homes.

“It’s a scary time for them, they need something to hold onto to feel more secure,” said Spaid.

Students will be adding things such as night lights, stuffed animals, coloring books, pillows and blankets into care packages. Not only are the items geared towards children, but foster parents too. As of right now, the packages put together by students will be sent to a local DCS office, which is a home where children are put until they can find an appropriate foster home.

Story by Sara Kesterson

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