Trip Planned for Seventh Grade to Actor’s Theater

On November 30, seventh grade English teacher Loretta Brown will be taking the seventh grade class to Actor’s Theater in Louisville to see a performance of A Christmas Carol.

“I wanted to take students on this field trip again because students learn to appreciate the theater as a result. Before going on the field trip in the past, I have students tell me they didn’t think it would be good. Once they see the performance with all of the special effects, they are excited about the experience,” said Brown.

In order for the seventh graders to attend, they must be in a general or pre-AP English class and not have an “F” overall grade in any class.

Prior to the day of the trip, a representative from the theater will be in Brown’s classes doing activities with the kids to prepare them for the performance.

Students will leave the school by bus at 8:30 a.m. and return by 2:45 p.m.

Brown has done this trip for many years and will continue doing so with the seventh graders.

Story by Noah Chaplin

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