Student Incentives for Studying

Studying for finals may seem like a premature thought at the beginning of school, but a new year is the perfect opportunity to change your study habits.

In order to do well on important tests, you must put forth your best effort every day in class to understand the material. Finding your own personal incentives will enable you to do that.

Tests are a good way to gauge how well students can prepare for important events. Better prepared students typically receive higher scores.

Paying attention in the classroom, reviewing for a few minutes each day and setting realistic, yet challenging, goals is more beneficial than cramming the night before an exam.

“Students have to find the internal motivation to make sure they do their best on tests and all activities,” said Assistant Principal Fred Unsicker.

Making good habits is important, and the earlier you start, the easier they will be to continue. Planning ahead and encouraging yourself to strive for success is vital in forming the path you will walk in the future.  


Story by Masden Embry

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