Indiana State Police Training at PHS

When you walk through the halls this week, you may notice more people in uniform than usual. Members involved in the Indiana State Police training are borrowing part of our school. They decided to come to Paoli for training because of our friendly staff and large wrestling room.

“The training is a defensive tactics training. I was approached about using the school by a trooper who said the training facility they were using was not suitable anymore. I checked with Mr. Jackson and Mr. Newkirk, and they agreed that it was a good idea to have them here at school,” said Principal Chad Johnson.

The training will take place in the wrestling room and the conference room over the next two weeks. It will include learning control tactics and how to protect themselves as well as the subjects they arrest.

Johnson will take each group of policemen through a tour of the school so they understand the layout. The training will not disrupt the school day, and classes will go on as normal.  


Story by Maggie Vincent

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