Scary Spirit Days at PHS




To promote school spirit and get students excited about homecoming, the high school student body has launched a contest.

The object is to decorate the hallways based on horror movies. Each grade was tasked with filling their designated sections with staples from their designated films.

Freshmen have Jaws, so they hung a shark from the ceiling and lined the walls with blood red paper.

The Shining is the sophomores’ film, and a paper elevator, caution tape and quotes from the movie have been put up.

Juniors were assigned Children of the Corn and have placed corn husks and storm clouds on the walls.

The senior hallway is based off of IT. Red balloons, missing person posters and a clown are featured in their area.

Student Council sponsor Neil Dittmer is proud of the way the students managed to make the halls look.

“I think they turned out great, the students worked hard to bring the movies to life,” said Dittmer.


Story by Masden Embry

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