Fine Arts Festival December 16

The Christmas season is just around the corner, and many talented PHS students are preparing for the Fine Arts Festival. The event will take place on December 16 at 2 p.m. in the Ruth Uyesugi Auditorium. The afternoon will include performances from the junior high and high school bands as well as The Singing Rams choir. There will also be an art presentation from some of art teacher Chris Jones’s students.  

All three choirs that make up the voices of The Singing Rams will be performing. These three choirs include the Junior High Choir, Singing Sensations and The Harmony Singers. The various choirs will sing about five songs. “Little Star” and “Cold Snap” will be performed by the Junior High Choir. “All on a Cold Winter’s Night” will be sung by Singing Sensations and The Harmony Singers. Then, The Harmony Singers will be singing “Gloria” along with an acapella piece for the last performance.  

Each second year art student has been requested to display at least two art pieces ranging from many varieties of work.  

The band performance will include “Frozen,” “Sleigh Ride,” “Winter Holiday,” “Polar Express” and more.

The afternoon of December 16 will be great chance to see all the musical and artistic talent at PHS.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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