e-Learning Days Pre-Approved

The winter season is here, so snow days may soon be on the radar. This occurrence of cold weather could lead to the first e-Learning day of the year. To prepare for this possibility, the administration set aside two days to be used as “built in snow days.” One day has already been used due to a school power outage, but one day is still available. As of right now, Paoli Schools will not be in attendance at school on April 19 unless there is a school cancellation before then. If there happens to be more than one school cancellation, then up to four days can be used for e-Learning days.

The state has approved for us to use up to four e-Learning days. The use of those days must be approved by the School Board. I have some teachers presenting to the board this month about e-Learning days and how they work. Any additional days would be added to the end of the year,” said Superintendent Greg Walker.

As winter continues, the waiting game has now begun to determine if students will have to attend school past May 17.


Story by Maggie Vincent

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