Miller Navigates First Year as Booster Club Sponsor

Booster Club is an organization dedicated to raising school spirit and showing school pride. Sponsored by ninth grade English teacher Rachel Miller, all students are encouraged to be part of Booster Club throughout the school year.

Booster Club supports the cheer block, develops pep session activities and creates decorations for the locker rooms. At the start of each season, students who want to be part of the organization must sell lines in the athletic program. 

“Anyone who has stepped into my room this year knows that I love PHS, and school spirit is incredibly important to me. Even if you’re not the captain of the team or the A+ student, you can still have pride in your school and support your student athletes. Our student athletes are really amazing. Many of them play multiple sports throughout the year, they often practice up to six days a week, every move they make on the field is critiqued by strangers and they still have the same amount of school work as everyone else. The dedication they have for their sport and our school should be celebrated. We can enjoy their success vicariously by supporting them and cheering them on,” said Miller. 

Although Miller is the lead sponsor, there are others that play a role in making Booster Club successful.

“Neil Dittmer, Carol Fullington, Heather Nichols, Barb Grabner, Shelby Grabner and Melissa Higgins have all been very instrumental in getting the club off the ground this year,” said Miller. 

This year is Miller’s first year spearheading the club. Even though she is new to the position, she is thrilled to be one of the main supporters of Paoli this school year.

Story by Corinne Magner

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