Speech Students Practice Their Interview Skills

In speech teacher Carol Fullington’s dual credit public speaking class, students were individually interviewed for a mock Hagan scholarship in order to practice and gain experience for future interviews. 

Interviewing is an essential skill in life. Whether applying for colleges, scholarships, jobs or even interviews by the media. Learning to be properly prepared can make the difference between getting the job or not. Learning to dress appropriately for a formal situation, anticipating the essential questions or the brand of character they are looking for are all necessary. Writing a resume and cover letter in preparation is also a necessary skill,” said Fullington.  

Students completed their interviews September 16 through 20. During their interview period, students were evaluated by a panel in one of two conference rooms, the boardroom of the superintendent’s office or the Champions Conference room. The panel judges consisted of community members Janet Perry, Carol Hudelson, Cliff Brannon, Imojean Dedrick, Greg Walker, Brandi Kerley, Larry Hollan, Aaron Hannon and Amanda Crews.

The students’  final grade was based on the average of scores from the rubrics filled out by the interview panel.  

“I expected my students to take this interview seriously. They needed to do their research on the scholarship, consider their answers to critical interview questions, and learn to work through their nerves to give thoughtful, genuine responses,” said Fullington.

Story by Amanda Bowles

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