Academic Bowl Teams Prepare for Upcoming Competitions

The Academic Bowl team had their first meeting of the year on December 4. During this meeting, students discussed what teams they would like to be a part of and looked at the competitions they would be attending.

In Academic Bowl, students divide into social studies, science, mathematics, fine arts, English and interdisciplinary teams to compete. Sponsor Chris Lindley heads the social studies, English and fine arts teams, while sponsor Cindy Stout takes on mathematics and science. This year, the theme is the “Roaring Twenties,” which means all of the questions relate to the 1920s. 

In January, the teams will start studying for three possible competitions. As of right now, one senior, three juniors, two sophomores and three freshmen are participating and more are looking to join.
We learn a lot of material that is not generally part of the school curriculum. Also, our trips are fun and we make memories, especially when we go to North Knox and eat at the Gasthof along the way,” said Lindley.

Story by Elizabeth Workman

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