PHS Drama Club Travels to Actors Theatre

On February 19, the PHS Drama Club will be taking a trip to Actors Theatre to watch Once on This Island. It is a musical about the resilience of the human heart and how love can transform someone and tear down the walls that divide individuals. The story follows an orphan girl named Ti Moune, who falls for Daniel, the son of a wealthy family. Ti Moune is determined to be with her beloved at any cost, but she must overcome the age-old prejudices separating their different worlds.

No other experience is quite like live theater. It is always an educational experience. It is especially useful for students who have participated in theatrical performances themselves to watch plays through that lens, to see how another show is put together, to analyze choices the performers, designers, and director made, to see how the audience reacts, etc,” says Drama Director Maria Wishart. 

Drama club members will leave PHS at 8:30 a.m. and travel to Louisville to observe the performance. After the show, the group will eat at Highlander Point for lunch, and they will return to PHS at 2:30 p.m. 

“I am looking forward to seeing a production I have never seen. It will be a new experience that will help me in my theater career,” says junior Libby Padgett.

Story by Amanda Bowles

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