Ceiling Tile Project Returns


This year marks the fourth year the Art Department has painted ceiling tiles for staff members.

Each year, art teacher Chris Jones sends an email out to staff to announce that his classes will be painting ceiling tiles. 

Teachers who sign up are then assigned to a student who will make their vision come to life on the tile. Things like quotes, sports logos, book and movie references and everything in between are created.

“I like doing ceiling tiles because everyone makes something unique,” said junior Ellie Sims.

Students in Drawing 2, Drawing 3 honors, and AP Drawing 3 courses began working before fall break and just wrapped up their paintings.

A total of 23 tiles were completed this year, with each costing $20. Over $400 was raised for the Art Department by the project.

“The money that’s raised goes into our creative arts fund which we use to buy special things for the art room like software for the computer or speakers to listen to music,” said Jones.

Another round of ceiling tiles will likely be painted next semester.

Story by Masden Embry