Twenty Questions with Junior Nadia Garcia


Courtesy Photo

Junior Nadia Garcia poses for a selfie during her time at home.

  1. What is your middle name

    • Nicolle
  2. What is your biggest pet-peeve

    • People wanting to be hand fed
  3. Can you name 5 things you wouldn’t do for a million dollars?

    • Fix someone else’s overgrown toenails
    • Shave my head
    • Jump in a swamp
    • Eat animal feces
    • Pick up a yard of leaves one by one
  4. Is there anything that most people find cute that creeps you out?

    • Being called baby girl
    • Stalking peoples locations
  5. Do you have any unusual fears?

    • Scared of looking under the bed when I hear noises
  6. What’s your weirdest bathroom story?

    • I was using the bathroom and the person in the stall next to me started playing gangnam style on their phone full blast.
  7. What’s the one thing that you seem to constantly lose?

    • Arguments
  8. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found?

    • A  broken mannequin head on someone’s floor
  9. What uncommon thing would you encourage everyone to try once?

    • Mayo and ketchup mixed as a sauce
  10. Is there any place that you have no desire to visit? Why?

    • Tokyo, because my ex wanted to go there.
  11. What is something immature you think your parents do?

    • Texting and driving
  12. Where was your secret hiding place as a child?

    • My bedroom closet
  13. What is the funniest false thing you were able to convince others that’s true?

    • That Jeremiah Hutcheson was my boyfriend
  14. If you had to change the language you speak, which one would you choose?

    • Italian
  15. What would you be really good at if it wasn’t for one thing?

    • I would be good at driving if I could tell my left from my right
  16. What’s the best way you’ve found to calm yourself when you get stressed?

    • Listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  17. Have you ever had or witnessed a drop the mic moment?

    • When Lily Stroud told Brandon Cook off.
  18. Are you currently going through any type of phase?

    • A Rihanna fan phase
  19. What doesn’t exist, but should?

    • Mermaids
  20. How long does it take you to form an opinion about a person?

    • A day of talking to them