Blog: Ready for the Superbowl

If you didn’t know the Super bowl is this Sunday, and I love football. I can’t wait for it to get here.

My family is throwing a party for our close friends, and we are going to watch the Giants win the Super bowl.

The two teams in the Super bowl are the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Both of these two teams have an outstanding quarterback, Tom Brady (Patriots) and Eli Manning (Giants), and I expect them to battle to the end.

The last time they played it was also a close game. The Giants won, but it didn’t end until Eli Manning threw a last second pass. After the catch Plaxico Burress took it into the End Zone. This then, won the Giants the game.

I was so glad after this game, because I don’t like the Patriots. I hope this happens again this year; not exactly the same ending, but the Giants coming up on top.

The Super bowl is going to be located in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium. The game is going to have Madonna play at halftime, and it is going to have some new commercials.

These commercials are not exactly the best of the game, but are pretty close. The real thing though I am looking forward to is the actually game.

The game this year is going to be exciting and I cannot wait for the game.

Blog by Todd Osborn